Aging records of boots~2022/6

The sensation of still air clinging to me. This is…

It’s totally summer.

It seems like the hot weather is coming on faster this year. It’s getting to the point where even my dog doesn’t want to go outside anymore….

Still, I’ll be in my usual boots and jeans, recharged with motivation. Let’s go out in high spirits! Here is this month’s Aging Report.

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It is crazy hot during the day and terribly cold in the morning and evening... Commuting boots are comfortable for the l[…]


Danner field black

Danner Field tends to be over-represented during the rainy season. But this year, the number of appearances does not increase that much. I wonder if summer will be okay with such an empty rainy season.

On this day, I went to the park with my dog. Danner is in his element, as he can easily wipe off dirt.

Straight jeans give off a relaxed vibe. Danner boots look great with a little dirt.

The fit is still loose, but there is also excellent cushioning for stress-free comfort.

I tightened the laces with an overlap on another day. The fit is improved because it can be tightened more forcefully. It looks better too.


Jalan Sriwijaya 98490 

Unlike Red Wing, the Jalan Sriwaya has a distinctly narrower, dressier look in the arch of the foot.

Naturally, it works well with slim jeans.

The texture of the leather is delicate, unlike work boots.

The leather does not feel tough, but it is a beautiful leather with a fine texture.

I love the fact that they are split toe derby shoes, so they can be worn casually as well.

They are so mature that it is hard to believe they are my feet. This is one of the shoes that will be on more often in the coming season.


Redwing 8111 ironranger

This iron range is a reliable partner for your feet that can be used anytime in spring, summer, fall, and winter.

The wrinkles are getting deeper and deeper and the leather is getting darker and darker.

They were a half size larger than the Beckman boots and initially felt fugly. Now they are the most comfortable.

When photographed in the sun, it has a nice atmosphere with shadows.

This photo was taken in the shade.

I often wear iron range on my days off. It’s fun to take pictures outside because it gives a different impression, but it’s a little embarrassing (laughs).


Redwing 9014 beckman boots

These black Beckman boots get messy and hot in the sun this season.

As expected, it is hot when I wear them all day, so I tend to wear them in the cooler morning and evening hours.

The old Beckman soles, made of urethane, are destined to hydrolyze, but so far they have held their shape well with only sunny days of use.

Looking at the official Japanese website, I saw that the price for a half sole replacement for the old Beckman was an unbelievable “5,000 yen”! After this, I immediately took them to a Red Wing-owned store and asked for an exchange.


Redwing 9091 Girard boot 

The Girard boots are coming off season with little wear this year. This is the last time they will be worn before midsummer.

The entire interior of the shoe is covered in leather, giving it a luxurious feel. The upper feels stiffer because of this.

It is the same featherstone leather as the Beckman boots, and the wood pattern is the same as the Postman shoes, No. 210.

Size is tight and sock selection is difficult. I wear them on holidays when I wear thin socks.


Redwing 101 postman shoes

Postman shoes, the ace of midsummer. Opportunities to wear them are drastically increasing as the temperature rises.

You may or may not like the unique wrinkled feel of coated leather, but this is a fun change.

The heels rubbed, the top line hit my ankles and the skin peeled…they were the hardest shoes to get used to.

The heel-integrated crepe sole provides excellent cushioning and is known for its ease of walking.

In summer, ankles are shown.


Summary and extras

June was the hottest month of the year, and summer was in full swing.

The Alden, Jumper boots are more than enough to break them in at home. I’m going to wear them down soon, too!

See you then.