This month, you may think the weather is sunny enough to wear short sleeves, but there are cold mornings when you wonder if you should put on a down jacket.

Still, boots are the main footwear. The enjoyment of aging still continues.

Such is this month’s Aging Report.

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Redwing 9014 beckman boots

After all, familiar boots are the best….

I always think of that when I wear my old boots, black Beckman boots.

A pair of boots that I wear to work and in my personal life. On this day I was walking with my dog.

Featherstone leather has a luster that seems to ooze from within, perhaps because it has been brushed for a long time. It is my favorite.

In my case, I don’t wear them after rain as well as on rainy days. So far, no signs of hydrolysis.

There are few scratches typical of work boots, but this is also their character. I intend to enjoy the aging process at this pace.


Redwing 8111 ironranger

The toe is ironranger with minor scratches and deep creases, giving it a workboot-like face.

The loose fit allows for any socks to be used and the boots are quite wearable. I also love the bumps on the shaft!

The strongest combination with worn-in jeans.

Even though the price has been increasing year by year, Red Wing is still inexpensive, and we are thankful for that. It is a friend of the common people who can enjoy aging with ease.


WHITE’S Boot Bounty hunter 

These 6-inch boots are made by Whites Boots, which is known for its resilient leather quality and strong stitching.

I wear them to work, but they take a long time to wear…I end up choosing ironranger8111 more often than not. So, no major changes this month.

Still, the comfort, which was like wearing wooden planks, is slowly improving.

At this rate, it’s going to be a “lifetime” boot, no exaggeration!


Redwing 9875 custom

Boots to wear when walking with the dog, number 1. 9875 custom boots.

Lightweight, easy to wear, and doesn’t mind dirt and grime. A good partner.

The leather quality of the left foot is the best, but the right side is a bit….

I will be happy if the difference between the left and right sides becomes less noticeable as I continue to wear them.

I’m getting used to seeing black shoelaces.


Redwing 9411 beckman boots

They fit my feet better than when I purchased them. The new Beckman boots now fit just fine with regular socks.

I’m conscious of wearing them hard because I want to see them age differently than the old Beckman Boots 9014!

Flat cords take a long time to put on and it’s getting to the point where I’m sweating at the door lol.

As expected, it will be left in the shoebox in mid-summer.

I would like to see a little more reddish color. I hear that the later Beckman with more pigment has less fading…but I have high hopes for the future.


Redwing 101 postman shoes

The ace of spring and summer is also worn for the first time this season. I found it hard to match with winter clothes, but it fits perfectly with simple spring and summer outfits.

A staple of adult casual wear. The crepe sole provides stability and comfort.

Actually, we replaced the shoelaces. I changed the length from 75 cm to 80 cm. …5cm up for my obsession lol


Redwing 8131 Moctoe boots

I haven’t worn 8131 for a while. since I made my Dr. Martens into work shoes for my company, I will start wearing them again this spring.

The D-width feels a little narrow, but you will get used to it as you wear them.

I plan to keep wearing them in the summer. I’m going to wear them so much that my highly durable Vibram 700s will wear out.



While shoes are gradually coming out more and more, I continue to wear boots as usual. When it gets a little hotter, I think I can go with my favorite style of “short sleeves and boots.

As is the case every year, I intend to spend my time appropriately, without forcing myself to wear boots on hot days or, conversely, deciding never to wear boots in the summer.

See you soon.