Happy New Year!

It was a very cold New Year’s Day, but it was a boot day. I still don’t like crowds, but my wife and I went to a nearby shrine for Hatsumode.

I wish you a happy boot life this year, too… Here is this month’s Aging Report.

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Dr.martens “2976”

These are Dr. Martens and Chelsea boots that I have been wearing since I bought them.

They are mainly used for commuting to work, but they are also useful in hard situations such as walking the dog after it rains.

The wrinkles have started to appear immediately. It has not yet become established, but it is a good start.

The volume is pretty good. If I wear them with too thin jeans, I’ll look like Mickey Mouse.

The profile looks smart. However, the direction of the aging process has been determined by Sparta. This will be the only time it will be in the picture with a beautiful face like this.

These boots were originally purchased as rain shoes. I used it on a rainy day the other day and as expected, there was zero water intrusion. 

However, it feels a little stuffy when worn for long periods of time. It may be a little tough in the summer.


WHITE’S Boot ”Bounty hunter” 

Wear them more often…but not more often. They are for private use only, so I don’t get many chances to wear them.

These are gory work boots with a strong habit. They have enough presence to look American casual, even though they can be worn with anything. Therefore, rather than trying to strike a balance, I think it is better to go all out and go for an American casual style.

The shoes are still stiff and heavy. But they are also easy to walk in. I hope that they will change over time so that they will fit my feet more comfortably…

The “King of Boots” is still cool not only as a stand-alone item, but also when worn.


Redwing 9411  ”beckman-boots”

These are Beckman boots by Red Wing, another representative of work boots.

Unlike the Whitesboots mentioned earlier, I have been wearing them to work as declared, but they are steadily getting more use.

Compared to Whitesboots, it is quite tame. Conversely, it is easy to match with anything. Creases are gradually becoming more and more common.

The uneven leather upper gives the impression of a work boot.

However, the comfort of the shoes does not change the impression that they are D-width and somewhat tight.

I wear them not only for commuting but also for private use, of course.

On this particular day, we went to a nearby cake shop. While my wife was choosing in the store, I took pictures of my boots.


Danner  ”field black”

I’ve been using it roughly for about two years. It’s black, which is hard to feel the change, but I’m getting a nice balance of luster and wrinkles.

Danner Field is still reliable on rainy days.

I also wear these boots for the annual house cleaning at this time of year!

The charm of work boots is that they become cooler than when they were new.

Tough as ever, buddy, here’s to another year!


Redwing 9091 ”Girard boot” 

Red Wing is work, and Red Wing is work boots. But these boots have changed my image of Red Wing.

The dressy profile is so cool. I think it would be great if it maintains this clean impression and gets more depth wit

It’s a Red Wing, so the aging process should make this shoe even more special. I look forward to seeing them in a few years.


Redwing 9014  ”Beckman boots”

I got the Beckman 9014 at the beginning of my love affair with boots. 

Last year I started using them for commuting to work and they have come in handy more often. The round toe has few quirks, and the black boots can be worn with anything. When I’m in trouble, this is my go-to pair.

Still looks and feels like new.

The laces have already been changed to round laces, making it easy to put on and take off. We recommend them for their appearance, which also emphasizes the workboot feel.


Redwing 8111 “Iron ranger”

Probably the boot I wore the most last year was this Iron Range 8111. They were a true Ohtani class performer for both my commute and my personal life.

The size, which I thought was large at first, became almost unnoticeable before long.. 

I prefer the leather-like luster to remain rather than become too ragged.



So what kind of year will this be? I’m half-excited and half-anxious, but whatever it is, I’ll always be in my boots. I look forward to working with you again this year. See you soon.


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