Aging records of boots~2022/11

The year is quickly coming to an end. In the past few days, the weather has cooled down dramatically, and we can now feel the dignified winter-like air.

When it’s this cold, I get excited about watching the World Cup under the kotatsu (Japanese low table). It reminds me of my school days, or rather, it brings back the glowing feelings I had in those days.

Well, I was on the baseball team all my life!(Laughter)

So let’s get hot here, too, and here is this month’s Aging Report.


Redwing 9091 Girard boot 

I started wearing the Girard boots to work as my mainstay boots as I declared.

I felt it again after walking long distances.

It’s hard. It’s super hard.

This is a dressy moc toe that is very different from the setter type, even in the same Red Wing. It’s a level of comfort that makes you feel like you could wear it with a suit.

I’m sure this would be great if my feet would adjust to it, but so far I’ve been coming home with a busted up topline, heels and ankles lol.

Because of this condition, once I wear them, I have to leave them a week before the next time I wear them, and they are stubborn. Tough…


Shetland Fox ABERDEEN 

A Shetland Fox that was recently dyed. On this day, I rented a conference room outside the company for a meeting with the bigwigs. I’m really depressed already.

Seeing it like this makes me happy to realize that it has been dyed beautifully.

The black color does not break down in the sunlight, and the workmanship is satisfactory. By the way, the pants are black chinos. Thanks, I am a man who never wears a suit.

The upper is taut yet firm, with a texture typical of Italian leather. The slightly longer nose is also a good balance for a dress shoe.

I feel that the width is a little tight, but I believe that it is a level that you will get used to if you wear them.

Now, with courage in my step, I’m off to the battlefield…


Redwing 8111 ironranger

Appearing again this month, the Sidekick Iron Range.

On this day, the jeans were straight with a wide hem, but they had a nice masculine look.

I feel like it should have more of a wrinkled look to it, but I guess that’s what I get for wearing it once or twice a week.

Still, compared to the beginning of wearing, they are growing up to be overwhelmingly atmospheric and cool, though.

A few months have gone by, and I’ve been thinking that it’s time to take care of it, and now it looks like the year is almost over.

Amber harness leather is very oily and it’s hard to tell when it’s time for maintenance. And most minor scratches disappear with brushing.

Whatever it is, it’s my favorite. Nice boots.


WHITE’S Boot Bounty hunter 

The number of Whites boots worn has increased dramatically in the last month or so. I feel as if the wrinkles are getting deeper.

The double stitching is as powerful as ever.

Take a look. The tongue of the shoe that was messed up last month is now neatly stored, isn’t it?

The other day I received advice on social networking sites that I should just pull over to one side.

I put it into practice and this is what I got. Thank you, thank you. I will be able to wear them comfortably now.

Now that I can tie my shoelaces securely, I have more hold, and the 140cm shoelace is too much. So I tried a style that wraps around the ankle.

At the same time, they are a little easier to put on and take off, and I think I’ll go with these for a while.

The quality of the leather must be high quality! I can even sense a little bit of sexiness from the worn-in atmosphere.

It is still growing. I can’t stop fantasizing about what the finished product will look like in a few years.


Crockett&Jones Coniston

The last one is a bonus.

Coniston is the only boot in our house that has yet to make its debut outside.

This winter is the time to try them on after brushing them to make their debut.

The size is just right, with a soft upper that wraps around the ankle and a smooth, comfortable insole…you’ll look like an English gentleman when you wear them.

It’s one of the best boots out there.

Unlike work boots, which are only cool when they are scratched, I would like to keep them clean forever. Debut on the right occasions…

I’m afraid that if I say that, the first wearing will be extended again (laughs).



After all, boots are the mainstay of winter.

Thinking about what I am going to wear tomorrow is something I look forward to this time of year. For me, who wears jeans all year round, there is a tremendous difference between black or brown feet.

Now the World Cup and boots are on their way. That’s why I love winter.

See you soon.