We are starting to see people in boots on the streets. Boot season is in full swing. It’s time to get out there, bootlovers!

Am I the only one who follows with my eyes when I pass someone wearing cool boots… (lol)

Here is this month’s Aging Report.

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Wolverine “1000mile boot”

The unfortunate 1000 mile boot that is too important to wear. I wore them for the first time this season.

Still comfortable to wear. They are true to size for my feet.

The uppers may feel a little stiff at the beginning of a day’s wear, but after a few minutes of wear and warming up, the uppers soften and fit snugly against the foot.

I still like this feeling.

At the time, it was often compared with Redwing-Beckman, but due to the one-piece leather sole, this one has a more intrepid impression. impression, partly due to the one-leather sole.

Beckman’s may be more sturdy, but I still like the smart vibe these boots have after all these years.


Danner  ”field black”

Danner field is always ready to work in the toughest of environments. On this day, we are going out as a partner to a dog run that is about to get muddy.

It is treated as a newcomer in our house, but it has aged well due to its frequent appearances.

Danner notation on the heel. …Isn’t it kinda cool?

I chose a slightly roomy size shoe so I could wear it relaxed and stress-free. The lace stay are closing more and more…now what will happen?

By the way, after this, I lightly washed them in water to remove the sand. Thanks for the completely waterproof boots.


Paraboot  ”neuilly caffe”

This is also the first Paraboot Nuit of the season. It is dressy with an elegant straight tip.

As can be clearly seen from above, it is a smart silhouette that sets it apart from work boots.

As is typical of the Norwegian Welted manufacturing method, the front view reveals raw, thick stitching. This seems to add a casual look that is different from a full dress boot.

The thick rubber sole and LIS WAXI LETHER upper are also a bit casual in atmosphere.

These are my favorite boots, the closest to my ideal of “between work and dress”.

I am consciously trying to increase my turnout this year. I would like to see how these shoes change over time.


Redwing 9411 “beckman”

On this day, my wife and I went shopping in the city for a long time in these boots.

The pigmented coating is thick and smooth and does not appear to have begun to deteriorate over time yet.

I plan to wear them around in anticipation of the aging that is typical of work boots.

This is one of my favorite pictures taken by my wife. In the city, there are many pedestrians, so I have to endure the embarrassment every time someone passes by.

Well, I guess it’s better than being seen by the neighbors lol.

Waxed flat cords have a weakness in putting on and taking off. So once you put these shoes on, you won’t want to take them off.


Redwing 9014 ”beckman”

9014, more than five years senior to the earlier black cherry 9411. I have a lot of memories of it and have treated it with a lot of care. Thanks to that, it is still shiny and chewy.

I have been wearing them a lot at work lately. The change is going to accelerate from now on.

To match the brown color of the shoe’s edges, the laces have already been replaced with the same Taslan shoe laces as the Iron Ranger 8111. I love this little customization.


Redwing 8111 ”ironranger”

I can now wear them without worrying about scratches.

Amber harness leather with plenty of oil. Changes are also said to be more visible, but my iron range, which I like to take care of, has not changed much yet.

The same last as the Beckman is used, but it looks rugged and has the character of a true work boot.

It is easy to use and goes well with loose-fitting jeans. The silver color of the eyelets and hooks also connect to the rugged image.

On weekday mornings when I don’t have time, the upper hook is a strong ally for putting on and taking off shoes. I look forward to working with you in the future!



For bootlovers, this is still the best time of year. It’s not too cold yet, so you can choose from a variety of jackets.

I enjoy choosing the boots of the day to match the jacket of the day.

See you soon.

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