Aging records of boots~2022/8

The hot midsummer has passed and cool mornings are increasing, signaling the arrival of the boot season.

But if you’re not careful, you’ll almost pass out from the heat during the day. (Laughs)!

Oh, Autumn, please come soon!

Wrap up in my boots, even in the middle of summer, and here is this month’s Aging Report.

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It's July, the heat is in full swing, and my energy in the heat is almost zero... lol.These are my favorite boots th[…]


Danner field black

The fit of the Danner Field has been super improved by changing the way the laces are tied to the overlap.

It is a tough partner that I always wear on days when rain is forecast, but it is a wonder that the more prepared I am, the less it rains.

Voluminous, rounded, cute shape, goes well with jeans.

They were super-cosy boots that cost less than 30,000 yen even with tax, but the price went up in September. But I still recommend them.


Redwing 8111 ironranger

On this day, I took a walk with my dog in a park a little far away. This iron range has deepened in color with the setting sun.

Flat cork sole that keeps dirt out. A wild upper that looks cool even when scratched. A partner that works well in tough situations like this.

I want to take good care of any shoes I wear and wear them all the time. These boots are one of them.

This back view. You’re looking good, bro…


Redwing 101 postman shoes

Postman shoes will certainly avoid the tragedy of coming to work in a wet T-shirt, sweating during the time it takes to tie the laces at the front door in the summer.

The socks are an autumnal mustard color, but maybe a little too early?

The roundness typical of Red Wing and this work shoe-like appearance is one of the charms of the Postman shoes.


Wolverine 1000mile boot

This is the Wolverine boots I decided to add to my summer boots this year.

The single leather sole is light, smart, and not too hot.

I love this “little beautiful atmosphere”!

I think they are a little wider than Red Wing’s Beckman boots, but that’s also the best fit for my feet.


WHITE’S Boot Bounty hunter 

The Whites, Bounty Hunter, is a powerful, fall/winter boot. But this devilish charm makes you pick them up even in summer.

The coolness of the boots alone is among the strongest.

After all, this robustness…it will definitely last a lifetime.


Jalan Sriwijaya 98490 

I ended up wearing them about 4 times this summer. These are split-toe, derby shoes that will likely end the season as is.

I use them on a daily basis, but I avoid them on days when it’s likely to rain, and I don’t wear them on days when I might be walking long distances in the first place… I don’t feel any particular change.

Although they are rarely worn, the mature look of these shoes is appealing.

Unlike boots or work shoes, these are shoes that you want to keep this beauty.



Despite the hot, hot weather, I spent another midsummer in boots this year.

Despite the loneliness peculiar to the end of summer, the life of the boot continues on no matter how far it goes.

See you then.