Aging records of boots~2022/10

In Japan, there are many proverbs related to autumn.

Fall of appetite…hmmm…

“Autumn of sports”…

Autumn of reading…?

No, it’s not!

Speaking of autumn

Wearing boots, is only option!

I even changed into boots to go to the neighborhood supermarket, where I used to travel in sandals in the summer. Well, fall is nice.

Such is this month’s Aging Report.

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Although the mornings and evenings have become somewhat more comfortable, I still go out in a short-sleeved T-shirt.[…]


Redwing 9091 Girard boot 

These are the first Girard boots I have used this season.

They are a little tight and the nine eyelets take a long time to put on and take off, so they have been used less, but they are actually one of my very favorite pairs.

They are still in beautiful condition.

The Featherstone leather, which is now missing, shines through, and I am personally convinced that these boots are a masterpiece.

A completely different type of U-tip from the 875, this one is quite dressy. It also works well with thin round laces.

But since it is Redwing, it will probably look cooler with aging.

So, we intend to have them as our main boots this season.

These boots have an image of being quite tight and stiff at the moment, partly due to the leather liner being stretched over the entire surface. We are looking forward to seeing how well they will fit in as they are worn in.


Redwing 9014 beckman boots

He is a fully maintained black Beckman boots and will be an ace again this fall.

Chewy and shiny.The quality of the leather is definitely better than other boots that use the same featherstone leather.

This wrinkle at the ankle. I love it.

The half sole has been replaced with a Vibram sole, which eliminates the worry of hydrolysis, and will likely be worn more often this fall.

Flatbox 9060 is popular in Japan, but for me, this silhouette is the strongest. I will wear them all the time with great care.


WHITE’S Boot Bounty hunter 

WHITE’S Boot, which were indeed too lumpy and almost absent during the summer, will start wearing them this month.

When I tie it up, the top part gets all messed up…especially the right leg. It bothers me quite a bit…is this how it’s supposed to be?

Combined with the impression of the overhanging koba, it is still the king of work boots that stands out for its robustness.

The leather is thick and the sole is as hard as wood. They are wild.

The amazing thing about Whites is that while they are hard, they also have a certain beauty.

I feel that they will become invincible boots if they are worn with gusto and comfort is improved.


Trickers malton espresso 

These are also autumn/winter-specific boots, Tricker’s.. These are my dress boots that I wear only 5 or 6 times a year.

What do you think of its brilliance? Don’t you think it’s wonderful?

They are also famous for being heavy-duty boots that don’t dent even when worn hard, but I’ll leave that to other work boots and cherish these beauties.

I can now comfortably wear Trickers even with somewhat thick socks, but when I first bought them, they were so tight that I considered returning them. It seems like only yesterday that I gradually got used to them over the years.

I’m going to be on the road a bit more this season. Now I’m looking forward to seeing how it will age.


Redwing 8111 ironranger

Iron Ranger, your partner that always supports my feet in spring, summer, fall, and winter.

On this day, I went for a doggy walk on a nearby riverbed through the mountains behind the house. I took this shot on a mountain path that felt like autumn.

The upper leather feels a little dry. It may be time for maintenance.

The number of boardings is overwhelmingly high, but maintains a clean look in spite of this.

This is because a little slippage is hardly noticeable with daily brushing.

At this rate, I don’t think it will change until I die (laughs).

Anyway, it is a precious partner that I want to keep wearing this season as well. (The dog in the back is also my precious partner.)



This is a personal matter, but I have just come down with a ureteral stone (for the second time in 10 years)…

Naturally I am wearing boots.At the hospital where I was taken, a nurse tried to take them off, but it was not as easy as with sneakers. In the end, I had to take them off by myself, but I was almost shaken in my pride as a boot-lover at that time.

Now, after overcoming such a difficult time, I am safely wearing my boots today.

Good health is the best for everything. See you soon.