When the weather is that cold, it can be a chore to go to work. That’s when your favorite boots come in! Just looking at your feet will put you in a good mood.

These are the winter months that I cherish as a boot lover.

So here is this month’s Aging Report.

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Happy New Year!It was a very cold New Year's Day, but it was a boot day. I still don't like crowds, but my wife and […]


Redwing 8111 ”Iron ranger”

Iron range of shoe cream finishes. This is probably the most commonly used boot of the season.

I always thought they were a half size too big when I purchased them, but I feel like they run true to size when I wear boot socks.

I go out with them as easy boots with a little room to spare.

Some people say that this sheen does not suit the Iron Ranger, but this is what happened when I wore them naturally in my own way. I have no particular complaints.


Dr.martens  ”2976” 

I got matching Dr. Martens with my wife. I wear them so much. So, in no time at all, the wearing wrinkles have taken hold. Especially on my right foot.

I tended to avoid them because of their somewhat soft image, but they are so good boots that I regret why I did not buy them earlier.

Bouncy and light comfort that lives up to the name of the bouncing sole. The upper is made tough enough to withstand rain. You can wear them as if they were sneakers.

But the aging process is pale.


Trickers  ”Malton espresso”

I greeted my wife’s parents on New Year’s Day with a pair of Trickers. It has been a tradition for me to wear these boots for the past few years.

The hard, beautiful luster is unique and my favorite. I greet the New Year with compliments like, “You are wearing nice shoes.

I also take the dog with me and enjoy walking along the rice paddy roads in the neighborhood. I usually only wear them in town, but this is the only time I use them in a way that is typical of country boots.

Upper with a slight reddish tinge in the deep dark brown.

Redwing 9875  ”Custom boots”

I also wear them when I go to the convenience store. My partner, an Irish Setter, uses them almost like slippers, washing the car, cleaning the yard, etc.

…Yeah. Well, that was a bit too much.

Stress-free comfort and the lightness of the traction tread sole. They can handle a mad dash when walking the dog.

There is a huge difference in leather quality between the left and right sides, but I accept that as part of the character of these boots. I would like to continue wearing them even when I become an old man.

WHITE’S Boot  ”Bounty hunter” 

It is the king of work boots that are not easily worn in.

These boots are a step stouter and have more presence than the Iron Ranger 8111. They will no doubt become even cooler as they age.

The leather upper is firm and has a luxurious feel.

It is difficult to see the changes, but I will continue to enjoy the aging of the white boots slowly and unhurriedly.

Wolverine  “1000mile boot”

These boots have been a long time coming. Holiday-only Wolverine 1000 mile boots.

The luster of the chrome excel leather is a big favorite.

The single leather sole is classic. Although there are concerns about durability, the greatest advantage is that it is lightweight and easy to fit in.

It must not be my imagination that the single leather directly transmits coldness to the soles of my feet.

The upper feels soft and conformable at body temperature. The comfort is great after all.

Redwing 9014  ”Beckman-boots”

One of the oldest boots I own, black Beckman boots.

Although the black color is difficult to see the change over time, changes are definitely in progress, such as the unevenness of the shaft portion and the slightly loose fit.

A glimpse of red socks. This is another fun thing about 6 inch boots.



The cold weather is still continuing, but at the same time, the season for boots is still in full swing. Although these days we feel a sense of stagnation, aging enriches our daily lives.

See you soon.