Fall is a wonderful time of year to wear boots, despite the large differences in temperatures.

This year has been so cold that it even feels like winter is already approaching…. It seems like spring and fall are getting shorter every year.

These days, they are also equipped with jackets to combat the morning and evening chill.

The fun of choosing boots to match with the jacket has been spurred on.

So here is this month’s Aging Report.

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The mornings and evenings have been getting colder since the middle of September.The long-awaited boot season ha[…]


Redwing 9875 ”Custom Boots”

Redwing9875 wear them almost like sneakers. I recently changed my shoe laces to black.

The color of the upper and laces is unified, making the whole look cleaner. It is easy to match with any color of clothing, so it is likely to be used more and more often.

One of the few boots I own that does not use shoe keepers. The upper is gradually getting a wear crease.

When I first purchased 9875, it didn’t feel right, but as I wore it more and more, I found myself liking it more and more.

Along with its stress-free comfort, it is now my best buddy.


Trickers ”malton espresso” 

This is my first time at Trickers this season.

They also have the toughness of a work boot level, but in my opinion, they are dress boots.

I try not to wear them in the rain or on days when they are likely to get dirty, so aging is slow.

Nevertheless, after several years of wear, the fit, which was initially painful, has now adjusted well.

First use in a long time But it is a comfortable fit.

This hard gloss. It is the best.

I especially like the diagonal creases at the ankles.

This year I’m hoping to leave the dress boot role to Alden and get a little more involved….


Redwing 9014 “beckman-boots”

The flat-box 9060 is very popular on the street, but the Featherstone with a tip, the old Beckman, is also cool.

It is the second oldest boot in our family after the iron ranger 8111.

As expected, they were not in use during the summer, but recently they have been used for commuting to work and are being worn more frequently.

The crease is light, probably due to storage in a shoe keeper.These “work boots with a dressy atmosphere” were and still are right up my alley.

Unfortunately, this model is already sold out.

Red Wing has been releasing a lot of street-oriented models lately, but I personally look forward to seeing new dressy models like this.


WHITE’S Boot “Bounty hunter” 

WHITE’S boots “Bounty Hunter” are consciously used more often.

On this day, I took my dog to a nearby park.

The dog goes for a walk. Wife looks at cosmos. And of course I shoot boots lol.

The volume of the boots is the highest of all the boots I own, but I wonder if the semi-dress last is a benefit of its elegance.

Personally, I like this balance.

Pitched heel with unique shape. Shaped last and resilient leather upper….The beauty of Whites Boots, which is even considered sexy, can be felt in the back shot.

Changes over time are yet to come.


Redwing 9411 “beckman-boots”

Another Beckman, Black Cherry 9411.

I am trying to increase the number of times I wear them by wearing them to work. However, I still can’t say I’m as comfortable with them as I was with the 9014.

Even though they are the same size, they seem to be a bit smaller.

I’ve seen Beckman in this color on social media, and it’s so cool that it’s exasperating, When I wear them, I feel like I’m being worn by the shoes.

I wonder if I can wear them a little longer to make them look cool together.

We hear that the color change is minimal since it is a later model, but there is no doubt about the potential of the boots themselves.

Now let’s see what happens and I look forward to the aging process ahead.


Danner ”Field black”

First choice on a rainy day, Dannerfield. But that doesn’t mean we don’t wear them on sunny days.

It has a casual look that is easy to match with jeans, and we have had it on the board somewhat consistently.

Also, since the boots are not in the shoe box, it’s easier to just stick my feet in and get out in the morning when I don’t have much time.

The leather is black, which makes it difficult to see the changes, but the unevenness of the crease is becoming more noticeable and you can feel the results of aging.

The boots themselves have volume, so they go well with wide-hemmed jeans.

I have no idea when to care for coated waterproof leather.

But since I don’t have to worry about adding too much oil, I can maintain it as much as I feel like it.



Boot season is in full swing. We are getting into the spirit of photography!

I love every pair of boots I currently own, and I have the added benefit of being able to grin and feign a good mood anytime I look at my feet.

In today’s stressful society, it is important to take care of one’s own mood.

See you soon.


We are starting to see people in boots on the streets. Boot season is in full swing. It's time to get out there, boo[…]