【 It’s Fall! It’s the season of boots!】Aging records of boots~2021/9

The mornings and evenings have been getting colder since the middle of September.

The long-awaited boot season has arrived!

This year’s summer in Japan was not as warm as usual. Still, I was sick and tired of putting on my boots while sweating at the door…

Such is this month’s Aging records of boots.



Redwing 9014 “beckman-boots”

Black Beckman boots that only came into play once in the summer. As the ace of the fall and winter season, it will come into its own in the coming seasons.

We’ve been together for about six years.So, completely comfortable on your feet and zero stress.

by the way, The end of sales of Beckman boots using “Featherstone Leather” has been announced on the official Japanese website.

The claim is that it is a special leather from which only about 5% of the raw hides can be obtained, It seems like yesterday when I was excited to get it. Red Wing is experiencing a manufacturing backlog due to the coronavirus. I’m a little disappointed, It’s no wonder they prioritize production-efficient models.

It is rumored that the new model Beckman boots will be released in the second half of next year.

I look forward to the official announcement.

Black Beckman boots that have been oiled several times to keep them chewy and shiny.

I expect the aging process to continue in a beautiful way.


Redwing 9411 “beckman-boots”

Here is another Beckman boot, this one in black cherry. As you can see from the model number, it is a late model.

They are worn far less frequently than the black Beckman boots, but they are thinly wrinkled.

I wonder if this difference in texture is due to the time of manufacture or individual differences….

It is a slippery surface. Compared to redwing9014, the pigmented finish seems to have a thicker coating.

I plan to age this Beckman-boot in the direction of wearing it more and more and making it more ragged.

The black cherry color when worn outdoors is still amazing.

Let’s hope the fall-like colors will give you an ace in the hole from now on.


WHITE’S Boot “Bounty hunter”

The edges of the shoes are double stitched and have a large overhang, giving them a rugged look WHITE’S Boot “Bounty hunter”

I was going for a matte finish like a work boot with an oil finish…I thought it would be a good idea, but it has a surprisingly dressy feel to it, and I have a burning desire to finish it off with shoe cream.

I had a few appearances in the summer, but the real work is yet to come. I would like to experience an outing in these boots this year.

The problem is the stiffness of the shoes, which is by far the worst of all the shoes I own. I hope it doesn’t hurt.

One photo outdoors as well. The unique heel curve and bouncy leather texture are sexy.

It’s a light brown color that is easily aged, and I’d really like to get it to age scratchily…but Expensive boots for me.

God, please give me the courage to wear them stiffly! LOL!


Redwing 9091 “Girard boot” 

Girard boots for the first time this season. The same “Featherstone leather” is used here as in Beckman-boots.

Different lasts of shoes give different impressions. It is even dressier than Beckman-boots, so much so that it could probably be put into formal occasions.

It is the same black cherry color as the earlier 9411, but it seems to be just a bit more reddish in comparison.

The fact that the sole is only black may also affect the impression.

Dress boot finish with slightly waxed toes.

I want these boots to continue to grow beautifully and without blemish.


Redwing 101 “Postman’s shoes”

Except in the middle of winter, these postman’s shoes are very useful for both commuting and private use. It’s maturing a little bit.

With its versatile black plain toe design and rain-resistant chaparral leather, it is an all-rounder that can be relied on in any situation.

Sometimes without the roll-up of jeans.

I feel that black shoes are still easy to match. The cushioning of the crepe sole makes these shoes easy to wear for any occasion.

Right now it is still hot so it is part of the rotation, but as the season progresses, it will gradually become less and less common.

Shall we give them a full maintenance workout before midwinter arrives?


Redwing 8131 ”moc toe boots”

8131 for the first time after the completion of the sole customization. I ended up replacing it with a round cord.

European version of shoe width “D”.. Even without insoles, they have a good hold and seem to fit my feet.

I bought them used from a battered old pair, so even though they are well maintained, you can still feel the aging that is typical of work boots.

Compared to the stock traction tread sole, it has a more mature and fearless look.

Now I am going to wear them in like crazy. Because it cost me a lot of money to replace the sole. …It cost me so much money. lol.

Rounded shape and reddish brown upper. A classic American casual item, but with a slightly more mature feel thanks to the custom sole.

I like it.



Now that boots season is finally upon us, we have a full report on aging.

I am looking forward to the day when I can go out with these boots to the holiday resort.

When the season progresses a bit further, it will be time for the annual full maintenance. I take good care of my shoes once a year, which I don’t usually get to do, and it’s a fun time for me.

Conclusion, Fall is the best.

So, that’s it. See you soon.


Fall is a wonderful time of year to wear boots, despite the large differences in temperatures.This year has been so […]