Aging records of boots~2022/7

It’s July, the heat is in full swing, and my energy in the heat is almost zero… lol.

These are my favorite boots that support me every day from the feet up. Of course, I’m continuing my boot lifestyle this summer as well.

This month’s Aging Report.

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The sensation of still air clinging to me. This is...It's totally summer.It seems like the hot weather is coming[…]


Redwing 101 postman shoes

The coated leather with noticeable wear creases has aged in a unique way, and I’m growing more and more fond of it.

The style of the day’s arrival at work was chic with dark socks.

Still, the rounded silhouette and crepe sole make them appropriately light, too.

On holidays, I try to add a little red for a little extra color.

For me, who only wears jeans, I recommend these shoes, which are just so versatile and easy to wear.

Tough enough not to mind torrential rain. I am sure they will be very active next month.


Redwing 9411 beckman boots

At this time of year, when the heat is at its peak, I am already sweating profusely at the doorway tying the flat strap…and I am wearing these boots less and less.

Unlike older models, the rubber outsole is not subject to hydrolysis, and I can enjoy aging with peace of mind.

I think the later Featherstone leathers look rougher in wrinkles, perhaps due to the thicker pigment coating.


Alden Jumperboots D8826HC 

A gloriously sunny Sunday. The jumper boots finally made their debut.

Man wearing down cordovan boots in the middle of summer…HAHAHA! Rock and roll!

Well, I got home about an hour after going out. As you can tell, I am super freaked out lol.

After all, the beauty of cordovan under the sunlight is very different.

Let’s be me and enjoy the change slowly. That’s fine too.


Redwing 8131 Moctoe boots

Tough, well-loved boots that have undergone repeated experimental maintenance, from second-hand purchase to full wash to sole customization.

I love the leather mid + Vibram 700 for a classic work boot feel.

Immediately after putting them on, they are fine, but after wearing them for a long time, my little toes start to hurt.

This look is the best.

I dream of the day when I can wear them stress-free, but it seems I still need to work on it.


Redwing 9875 custom boots

The most comfortable black dyed Irish Setter boot is a size E width.

These boots use insoles, which give them a fluffy, lightweight, burly sneaker feel.

Black leather absorbs the summer sun and gets hot. White sole makes it look less hot… it should.

I dyed it myself afterwards, so I’m super excited to see the brown color show up as it ages.


Redwing 8111 ironranger

As expected, the Iron Range is worn less frequently than in the fall and winter. Still, it is a good buddy that I wear a few times a month.

I often wear thin socks in the summer, so these boots, which are a half size larger, were comfortable and roomy.

They are rugged and “look cooler with scratches. When you think of it that way, you can wear them anywhere with ease.

Even so, we do not treat them roughly and do not fail to brush them every time we put them on.



In this way, I’m wearing only Redwing.

These boots will look even cooler aged than when you first bought them, and the more you wear them, the more comfortable they will become, a virtuous cycle!

See you then.