This is the season when I get scared of how fast time flies every year. I still spend my days in boots and jeans.

A lot has happened this year.

I met a lot of different boots.

With all my heart, my last entry for this year is a report on Aging records of boots in December.


Redwing 9411 beckman boots Black cherry

These Beckman boots are also used as commuter boots. They are no longer treated as work boots without shoe trees…but the aging process is still to come.

The width, which felt quite small at first, has improved dramatically in the last few months. It has even gotten to the point where I don’t feel any stress when wearing regular socks.

The improved comfort and ease of putting on and taking off the round laces are increasing the number of times they are worn. I also wear them to work and expect them to accelerate over time.

However, I am a little dissatisfied with the wrinkles that appear as if they are folded. Is it because the coating is too thick or is it a leather quality issue…

When I first purchased these boots, I thought they were dressy, but that’s Redwing, and I think they will really come into their own after hard use. I’m going to wear them as much as I can.


Redwing 9014 beckman boots Black

Black Beckman boots, a different color from the previous one. It is a longtime partner that I purchased in the first period. The white stitching is also impressive and my favorite.

The leather sole part is dyed dark brown, which also gives it a slightly subdued look. They are the dressiest of all the black boots we have.

Let me tell you, the quality of the leather is better than the current Beckman boots. The wrinkles are natural and the leather has a sheen that oozes from the inside.

I feel that they are a little loose in the width, but they work great with my feet. The fact that I can wear them in a relaxed manner is a major factor in my increased turnout.

I don’t want to scratch this one too much.

…because I like this atmosphere the best.


Redwing 8111 ironranger

The iron ranger is now dignified with a few minor scratches. It was and still is a very popular item number.

The upper amber harness leather is oiled leather with a nubby texture. It is said to have a large color change, so we are careful not to oil it excessively.

The color of 8111 tends to change over time. Some overseas users have scratches all over and the color becomes very light, while others oil it well and the color becomes darker. The charm of this product is that each individuality is expressed in a straightforward manner.

I try to keep them in as good a condition as possible, but even so, the atmosphere is becoming more and more like work boots.

It has been decided that I will wear them all next year, so the fun continues to see how they will look.


Redwing 877 irish setter

I bought the 877 the other day and immediately started wearing them as my commuting boots. 877 is a new boot that I started wearing right away, which is unusual for me.

I paired them with Apc slim jeans on this day, but hmmm. I think thicker jeans would fit better. After all, they are the origin of work fashion like Levi’s 501.

After all, the wrinkles that form on the shafts are already…awesome.

Right now, the width still feels tight at times, but this is acceptable. Rather, the sensation is that they will grow into their best fit as they are worn in. I am looking forward to it.

As I expected, putting them on and taking them off is a hassle. However, these boots make me want to wear them so much that it exceeds that. They may be this year’s best buy.


Wolverine 1000mile boot rust

I only wear these boots a few times each year during this season, and they are my very favorite boots. I wore them a little more when I first bought them, but every time I got other boots, the number of times I climbed in them decreased until now lol.

The upper is Horween chrome excel. These work boots have a smart impression with a single leather sole.

The price has gone up considerably in Japan compared to when I bought it.

The single leather sole is lightweight and has a good sole return. They also wrinkle up nicely and I really like the look of them.

I’m not happy that it’s a little less robust.

There are good and bad points, but after all, they are my first boots. I will continue to wear them with care as special boots that include memories.


Paraboot neuilly caffe

I only have 7 inch length nuit of paraboots. I think it is typical of me that I only have boots (lol).

Straight-tip slim silhouette. The Norwegian welt manufacturing method, derived from mountaineering shoes, and the glancing stitching give a casual feel.

The squirrel leather upper is oiled leather with high oil content. Worn creases also feel like work boots with fine wrinkles leading to a work-like appearance.

Because of their price (over 80,000 yen), I have been wearing them carefully as dress boots, but in fact, they may be the type that become cooler the more they are worn in.

I haven’t had the courage to wear them to work yet, but I will try to wear them more casually in the future. I think I’ll spend New Year’s in these boots.



During the New Year’s holiday in Japan, adults give money to their children as “OTOSHIDAMA ” or New Year’s gift.

I used to look forward to this event when I was a kid, but at my age it’s just a pain lol

But I like the relaxed atmosphere and it is really fun and happy to see my niece and nephew smiling when they get their “otoshidama.”

Have a good New Year!

Aging records of boots~2022/11