【In the swamp of hiding scratches on boots….】Red Wing 9875 maintenance fiasco!①-Tearful Farewell Edition

t was just before noon on a Sunday when I had some free time. An boot that I was about to cream caught my eye.

“I have a little time before lunch, so I’m going to do some shoe maintenance.”

With a light heart, he entered the room with his shoes in his hands.

Little did we know at the time that this would be the beginning of a catastrophe…


Check out Redwing 9875 in its current state

The sole was cleaned and brought indoors.

This is a pair in heavy rotation that I wear to work and in my private life. You can gradually feel the changes over time.

When the laces are removed, you can see the wrinkled shoe tan, which I think is cool.

It seems less dry than I had imagined, but it has been more than six months since the last maintenance, so I will take good care of it.

The toe of the right foot is most concerning. Gouged mark by concrete block.

It sounds good to say that it has changed over time, but I wonder if this maintenance will make it a little less noticeable.



At any rate, it was spick and span with the usual dirt removal and steaming towel wipe. It looked clean to begin with, but after wiping, the rags turned brown with sand stains, showing the effects of the cleaning process.

Leather needs a certain amount of moisture as well as oil. This is why we use a delicate cream.

I always put delicacy cream in any boots. It gives me a sense of security.


Toe’s flaw concealment… I did it.

I would like to make the toe scratches less noticeable before adding cream to the entire surface.

There are many ways to do this, but the quickest way is to hide the scratches by putting on a shoe cream of the same color.

I remember that I had repaired a pair of Tricker’s boots using the same method and was very satisfied with the result.

I had a successful experience myself, so I decided to cover it up with cream this time as well.

…The brightest color of colored cream I own is this cognac color. Hmmm…now that I think about it, I have a bad feeling about it.

I applied it by dabbing it on with my fingers, and then wiped off the excess cream with a wes.

Yes, yes, it is very noticeable. The flaws are starting to assert themselves as much as this.

The cognac color is too dark no matter how you look at it.

Hahaha, fail fail fail. Anyway, I cleaned it up again with stain remover and …

… What happened?

“…you’re kidding me. Hey.”

The more I rub, the worse the situation gets. I am impatient, and the stain continues to spread.

The first cleaning should have been fine.



… ah… ah… ah…



*Note: If you want to hide scratches, use a “pigment-based” shoe cream!

The creme used in this case is dye-based.

Dyeing and putting color on are completely different.

If you are worried about the overall fading, it would be dye, and if you want to hide some bald spots, it would be pigment.

It seems that the damaged surface absorbed more dye than expected. I wonder if it was because I was in a hurry and rubbed it too much that the surface was further damaged and spread out more and more.

Either way, it’s the worst possible outcome. I shouldn’t have thought lightly about repairing a scratch on a pair of shoes that aren’t even dress shoes…(´;ω;`)

In an attempt to cheat a little, I applied the highly penetrating Coronil Supreme Cream all over and brushed it on.

Is it a little better?

If it was the original scratch scratch scratch, it was acceptable as an aggravation, but this stain is a bit…


Okay, I’ve made up my mind. If this happens, I’ll use the deepest trick.


Complementary color with Spillane! …and the situation gets worse.

I have been curious about “Spiran” for a long time. It is an alcohol-based dye.

I had seen someone who dyed leather shoes as a DIY project dyeing them very beautifully, and I had been gathering information about it, hoping to try it someday.

Originally, scratches were repaired using “Adbase” and “Adcolor” as the standard repair method.

However, the pigment base is said to leave a smooth finish. In this respect, Spillane has a reputation for a finish that retains the character of leather. We have nothing but high expectations for this product.

To make the scratches less noticeable anyway, we decided to shave them off with fine sandpaper.

… This is a “must not do”. (Please don’t do it!)

For now, the scratches are completely invisible. We will put the coloring dye on the surface. I wonder how the color will get into the leather with the surface scraped off…


A huge failure!

I feel like the more I do it, the deeper I get into it. It’s already hell. I feel like crying.

Every decision I have made so far has backfired. On the other hand, I don’t think I can wear them as they are.

… Re-dye the whole thing in black.

It seems to me that is the only way to go.

I had always felt that the color was too bright and hard to match (excuse to convince myself), it would save me from having to buy used boots for dyeing (excuse #2), and it was a good opportunity to experience dyeing (excuse #3)…

We will do it! This time we will bring it back to a satisfactory state.



I started this care with a light heart. I ended up experiencing the biggest failure in my history.

Redwing9875 was valuable to me because there are not many bright colors in the boots I have.

Recently, the color has been getting darker and darker, and I was loving them, thinking that if they aged a little more, they would surely become an ideal color that would be hard to match. …… Very painful.

Ladies and gentlemen, a few scratches on work boots are like a medal. Let’s wear them without worrying.

If it really bothers you, I think the least risky thing would be to fill them with pigmented shoe cream of the same color.

No matter what you think,Scraping -> staining is an absolute no-no, as you can see. You will spend the night crying.

Next time I will try to dye it. Wish me luck…see you then.

The second part has been uploaded. Please click here↓.


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