February has come to an end in the blink of an eye, and the calendar has turned to March, which heralds the arrival of spring. However, the mornings and evenings are as cold as midwinter, and boots will still be needed.

Such is the Aging Report for February. Let’s get on with it!

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Dr.martens 2976 

Dr. Martens are no longer treated as boots. They are tough enough for rainy days, after rain, walking the dog…you name it, they’ve got it.

The right leg seems to age much faster. It is obvious even in a photo taken from directly above.

The color of the sole also looks like rubber rain shoes, but the charm of leather is that you can enjoy its change over time. Little by little, they definitely become cooler and cooler.

I am planning to wax and shine the toe area in the next care. The gradation of luster should give it a more expressive look.

The last photo was taken while taking a break in the park. Martin, which can be quickly wiped with water even if it gets a little dirty, may be the best companion for country living.


WHITE’S Boot Bounty hunter 

The Whites 6-inch boots are now being used for commuting. It seems that they will be worn more and more from now on.

These boots have an image of being heavy, stiff, and hard, but in fact, they are surprisingly easy to walk in.

Maybe it’s the arch support structure, or maybe it’s the stronger toe spring…either way, a good boot is a good boot!

Love the logo on the shaft. It would be great if the leather could be a little more uneven. My favorite level is increasing as I wear them.

In my personal opinion, shoes that I gradually come to like stay my favorite for a longer period of time than shoes that I super like from the beginning. I think this is a good trend.

We will not be using them in the spring and summer, so I thought I would wear them around while they are still available.


Redwing 8111 ironranger

This Iron Ranger, a regular participant in this monthly project. I’ve been with Red Wing the longest I’ve owned, about 8 years now.

I have been wearing them with great care for a long time, but recently it has become normal for me to wear them twice a week. They have become more and more comfortable on my feet and are stress-free with any socks.

Blue sky and iron ranger.

On this day, I took a walk with my dog near my parents-in-law’s house. We were blessed with good weather and had a good day.

With my wife, I can take back shots that are difficult to take alone. If I do too much, she gets in a bad mood, so it’s important to know when to back off.

The luster of the leather settles down immediately after care, and the wrinkles and ageing characteristic of oiled leather can be felt.

If it grows into my own personal iron ranger.


Redwing 9875 custom

I dyed the 9875 myself, and they have been worn as many times as the Dr. Martens 2976 as a casual boot.

On this day, we cleaned up the lawn in the backyard that had died in the winter. But in the end, it turned out to be a boot photo session.

Since the 9875 is a hunting boot to begin with, there is nothing wrong with working on dirt, and it looks better in photos than concrete.

The difference in leather quality between the right and left foot is surprising, but that is also the character of these boots. Now if only I could get a brown core, it would be great.


Redwing 9014 beckman boots

These are the old black Beckman boots, the ace of fall and winter. The leather is chewy, and the change is more like an unevenness than a crease after wear.

It has a sleek form, but also has the strength of a work boot with just the right amount of shine. A versatile boot that is easy to match with anything.

One close-up photo. I love the undulation and the uneven creases of the leather.

They are beautiful boots and I will not get them dirty. I am concerned that the shoelaces have recently become furry. I will have to think about replacing them.


Redwing 9411 beckman boots

The image is more prone to distinct wear creases, perhaps due to the more pigmented paint compared to the older part numbers.

When I wear them at work, I can see the change faster than with the old part number. The creases and wrinkles on the shaft are already more evident than on the 9014.

It feels like it is more easily glossed and will age differently than the old specification Beckman boots.

With wintery patterned socks.


Summary and extras

February, which was a boot heaven, is over, and more and more days are starting to feel like spring.

When I think it might be time to wear shoes, I think, “Okay, let’s try them on! It is the nature of shoe lovers. So here you go….

Alden PTB.

It’s been a while since I put my foot in it, but… Yeah, yeah, it still looks good. This year, I’m ready to put iron on my toes and make my debut outside.

Boot season in fall and winter is great, but I also enjoy wearing shoes in spring. It is a happy hobby that can be enjoyed all year round. lol

See you soon.


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