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  • 2023年5月7日

Aging records of boots~2022/9

Although the mornings and evenings have become somewhat more comfortable, I still go out in a short-sleeved T-shirt. This September aging report is a mixture of the desire to wear boots and the desire to escape to low shoes because of the heat. For the previous aging report, click here.↓ […]

  • 2023年5月7日

Aging records of boots~2022/8

The hot midsummer has passed and cool mornings are increasing, signaling the arrival of the boot season. But if you’re not careful, you’ll almost pass out from the heat during the day. (Laughs)! Oh, Autumn, please come soon! Wrap up in my boots, even in the middle of summer, and […]

  • 2023年5月6日

Aging records of boots~2022/7

It’s July, the heat is in full swing, and my energy in the heat is almost zero… lol. These are my favorite boots that support me every day from the feet up. Of course, I’m continuing my boot lifestyle this summer as well. This month’s Aging Report. For the previous […]

  • 2023年5月6日

Aging records of boots~2022/6

The sensation of still air clinging to me. This is… It’s totally summer. It seems like the hot weather is coming on faster this year. It’s getting to the point where even my dog doesn’t want to go outside anymore…. Still, I’ll be in my usual boots and jeans, recharged […]

  • 2023年5月5日

Aging records of boots~2022/5

It is crazy hot during the day and terribly cold in the morning and evening… Commuting boots are comfortable for the life of a Japanese office worker who leaves home after 6:00 a.m. and returns home at 9:00 p.m…. The boots seem to be aging well: ……………. cry This month’s […]

  • 2023年5月5日

Aging records of boots~2022/4

This month, you may think the weather is sunny enough to wear short sleeves, but there are cold mornings when you wonder if you should put on a down jacket. Still, boots are the main footwear. The enjoyment of aging still continues. Such is this month’s Aging Report. Click here […]

  • 2023年5月5日

Aging records of boots~2022/3

Well, it’s getting warmer! Is it just me, or does spring make you feel fluffy and happy, but at the same time nostalgic or somehow lonely? I think about how my partner’s boots are falling apart, how my legs and feet are weakening as I become an old man, and […]

  • 2023年5月5日

Aging records of boots~2022/2

February has come to an end in the blink of an eye, and the calendar has turned to March, which heralds the arrival of spring. However, the mornings and evenings are as cold as midwinter, and boots will still be needed. Such is the Aging Report for February. Let’s get […]

  • 2023年5月3日

Aging records of boots~2022/1

When the weather is that cold, it can be a chore to go to work. That’s when your favorite boots come in! Just looking at your feet will put you in a good mood. These are the winter months that I cherish as a boot lover. So here is this […]